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Scissors Tweezers Barber Razor dresding gone Nail and Cuticle Scissors Assorted Scissors Barber Scissors Carbon Steel Chiropody Clippers Cuticle Nippers Embroidery Scissors Manicure Scissors Kits Pushers House Hold and Taylor Scissors Fancy and Printed Scissors Multi-Purpose Plastic Handle Scissors Eye Brow Tweezers Multi-Purpose Tweezers Face Black Head Cleaners Cuticle and Nail Pushers Nail Care Products Cuticle Nail Nippers Nail Cutters Acrylic Nail Cutters Shaving Razors & Belts Professional Thinning Scissors
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Extracting Forceps pliers Scalers Forceps Scissors Crown Removers Cloide Discoide Cotton and Dressing Forceps Amalgam Carrier Amalgam Condensers and PI Anesthesia instrument Articulating Paper Forcep Aspirating Syringe Bone Instrument Burnishers Carvers Cavity Liners Cement Spatulas Currette Scalers and Probs Deluxe Orthodontic Plier Elevators Endodontic Instruments Excavators Explorers Gauges Hemostats Hollow Handle Periodontal Hollow Handle Scalers Hollow Orthodontic Instruments Impression Trays Matrix Retainers Mirror Handles Miscellaneous Mouth Gags & Cheek Retrac Needle Holders Ophthalmic Instruments Orthodontic Instruments Orthodontic Pliers Orthopedic instruments Periodontal Curettes Periodontal Pocket Probes Periosteal Elevators Plaster Knives Plaster Nippers & Shear Plaster Spatulas Plastic Filling Instrumen Rongeurs Root & Periosteal Elevato Root Tip Insruments- Rubber Dam Instruments Scalper Handles tartar Removers & Scraper Thumb, Dressing & Tissue Towel Clamps Tungsten Carbide Neddle H Tungsten Carbide Scissors Wax Spatulas Waxing Instruments Filling Instruments Dental Probes Burnishers and Pocket Probes Scalers Periodontal Pocket Probes Gracey Curettes, AF, MF, Type Bone Curettes Modelling Instruments
× Surgical Instruments

T/C Products & Scissors Gold products Forceps Forceps Scissors Retractors bone holding Scalpels Probs Diagnostics Torcars, Suction Tubs Anesthesia Suture Dressings Cardio, Neuro, Laminactom Bone Surgery Tracheotomy Asepsis Dermatology Stomach, Intenstine Urology Gynecology Obestetrics Calipers Miscellaneous Otology Rhinology Oral Maxcillo-Facial Surge Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surge Hygiene, Storage Stainless Steel Receptcal Tonsillectomy, Laryngo Hooks & Retractors Abdominal Sugery, Intestinal & Rectal Instruments Bone Punches & Rongeurs Biopsy Instruments Obstetrics Tracheotomy, Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Amputation, Elevators, Raspatories, Bone livers, Bone Files & Curettes Wire Extension, Finger Nail Instruments Plaster Instruments Suction Instruments Tungsten Carbide Inserts Hospital Wears
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As we move forward to step with modern trends and demands, we have successfully achieved the certification ISO 9001 : 2000 standards and cGMP which manifestly reflect the standard of workmanship.
Every team member is dedicated to endeavor to excel in professionalism making the best use of his abilities to the optimum betterment of the outfit, so that our products, not only meet the traditional standards, but also are a specimen to follow, thereby ensuring customer's satisfaction as well as better product for the next generation.
We are 100% committed to doing what is right for our customers. We want them to keep coming back and to recommend us to others. To make the point as upfront as possible,we made our brand tagline, 'The Floor is Yours', emphasising the fact that we put our customer's wishes at the centre of our operations and thinking- every second of the day.
With full range of manufacturing and production facilities within its boundaries, supported by a fleet of experienced workmen,supervised by highly qualified management,who are proud worthy for their abilities of creating handicrafts to meet new trends and international standards,"ZEIS INTERNATIONAL" is a 100% export oriented unit. Our instruments are explicitly engineered to meet your beauty requirements.
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About Zeis International

Zeis International is an ideal industry for Beauty instruments, Dental instruments and Surgery instruments. With full range of manufacturing and production facilities within its boundaries, "ZEIS INTERNATIONAL" is a 100% export oriented unit.

You can contact us for customization and Further inquiry.

About Our Company


ZEIS INTERNATIONAL ISO 13485:2003 certified , CE Marked and FDA Listed company , has long experience in manufacturing and supplying of high quality surgical instruments, dental instruments, manicure/pedicure instruments and fishing tools since 1990.Retail orders could be delivered at your door step and can be charged by any credit card including Pay Pal.All tools could be supplied with customer's logo and manicure/fishing tools could be supplied in blister packaging.For more products informations/ prices/ delivery time/ shipping charges etc.

In Manicure instruments:We manufacture and export a vast range of manicure/pedicure instruments such as nail and cuticle nippers, nail and cuticle scissors, nail and cuticle pushers, tweezers, professional hair cutting scissors, convex edge, bevel edge scissors, thinning scissors, acrylic nail cutters, shaving razors etc. All tools could be supplied in blister packaging with customer's private logo.

In Surgical And Dental Instruments:We manufacture and export a wide range general surgical instruments and dental instruments such as extracting forceps, root elevators, pliers, gum scissors, needle holders, retractors, cheek retractors, raspatories, chisels & gouges, rubber dam, mouth mirrors and handles, scalers, gracey curettes, filling instruments, explorers, crown removers, cartridge syringes, impression trays, orthodontic pliers etc. in competitive prices. For more please contact us Specialist in Orthodontic Pliers and Gracey Curettes: We are specialist in orthodontic pliers/cutters and gracey curettes manufacturing;Perfect angles and sharp edges of the gracey curettes are great virtue of our company.In Orthodontic Pliers/Cutters,